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Tech cancels wreck

Tech at Work

How Technology affects companies and employees?

Table of Contents /Points for discussion

  1. How tech affects companies.
  2. The ease of setting up a remote team.
  3. Keeping your company and employees safe.
  4. Is remote work here to stay?
  5. What’s next in tech workspace?

How tech affects companies, no matter the industry

Rush to mend the job in an order to get the work done

Whether you’re in education, medicine, or engineering, how you work has been vastly affected by technological advancements, including new computers, data software, and various tools people did not have access to in decades past. From the way, you tackle your tasks ranging till the desk catering how you communicate with co-workers, technology has created ripples of change that have benefited companies in every industry.

Technology has laid a deep imprint on our daily lifestyles. Regular routine runs now carry a potent resilient to be conducted within the threshold of mere clicks and few payment gateways. We have got an escalator to bridge the gap of timeline through gradual transactions. Our lives have been simplified through the input of technical energy to derive the creative boost of productivity. The screens have now hooked our eyes with such a long-lasting glue that we are always on couch calling virtual realities but in revert have lost out patience of attention span. We have retarded the distances but as a human being miles are left behind to be marched in an order to embark lives out of techie woods.

Cyber space are our new cafes and wi-fi is a new highway of life to truck down our very own work load of business. Crimes have got a new address and criminals too have got a new way to sync- in the fake uploaded personas of people from all the phases of life. Every walk of life is engaged in building themselves so profound on these web-domains that we are peak-pesky to poke our nose every now and then on these virtual spaces to peep through the realm of globe and sometimes end up being clawed in this poop of webby-maze.

Tech timeline

Let’s take a sheer walk through from the lanes of how people functioned from the tech-jogging available counterparts the contrary days when web-browsing was still a dream to be submerged with. Saturation of ethics and emotions came into the scanner of dilemma to the umbrella of possibly vast ocean of opportunities- INTERNET: Our very own cooked and breaded global network has netted us so neat and clean that it’s addiction is still living in dark.

Tech phenomena has consumed us all so much that we have came to a point wherein our biometrics are just the key to the lock of safeguarded ecosystem. We as homo sapiens are leaving no stone unturned to leave an indelible mark dented on the mindsets of our posterity that there survival becomes next to nothing when we reach at the brink where technical blueprint starts vanishing. Robotic voices are now robust as they have voice-controlled our desires and wants.

Tale of Tech

A wish of mars is now not a magnet but how to make technology available within entire universal space is brainstorming human minds when our very earth is on stake to unearth us. We have made this technological upbringing grinded us so zip tight that our environment is full of toxic radiations and we are full of random dump of reels.

A grim void in clock has been constructed that has leashed us in this authentic palace between a span of headers and footers. Being a digital resident is a must whether you are aware of computer science or conscious of the newspaper-like daily program. The media of digital algorithms have soaked us so intact that we don’t even knew how the roots of this tech revolution will portray wide perhaps the consequences or the very cause of unique update of happenings.

The frame of life is lovely and all sound till your posts are being liked and you are being happy commented upon but little do we realise what an emotional and mental took of turmoil we are drafting towards our upcoming future generation who isn’t even aware of this cyber mud, they are drowning in every passing day. We have caged eyes and aspirations of many sometimes in a toll of pathetic stake that makes them do what is merely a self-abuse.

Tech Take

End of the tunnel /dark cave /golden mine of

How people worked without TechHow people work with Tech
– Longer time is spent on individual tasks.
– Communication was more complex and tedious.
– Managing data was done manually and involved a ton of paperwork.
-Bulky hard physical files maintenance weighed us down.
-Every task required a run on roads and long queues to queen the queer task at desk.
-Advertisement was just a scope of luxury.
– Work shifts and employment was limited and confiscated within the pages of books.
– New tools enable work to be done much faster and easier.
– Communicating with colleagues, no matter where they are in the world, is incredibly fast and convenient.
– Everything is digital and easier to file, manipulate, or keep track of.
-Temple of templates make work sorted till done and dusted on fingertips gliding over key-board.
-A single directory acts a repository to rapport the work field of taskforce.
-None knew advertisement arena will witness the new dawn of glory and such a pompous profits.
Spot-on the differnces

The ease of setting up a remote team

STEP- 1 Establish clear guidelines.

Every employee must be aware of all the rules.

-> Whenever any individual joining your bandwagon of work, it should be stated crystal clear that what a company stands for, what are its clauses, the expectations and the policies on which it is running and standing tall, not just it makes easier for an employee to work but, it also enhances his inclusivity and an extra-aware feature about the company whom it can dedicate himself ethically for. It chats down the confusions and cuts down the eye-turning blind default towards the work life.

STEP- 2 Recruit with scrutiny.

Know which candidate is most reliable and apt for the post.

-> When an individual is employed, it builds an asset to the firm and brings a ton of difference and indifference by its very own presence on an enterprise’s table, whether its his skillset or his productivity. Some make the miniscule work out drained like an empty muscle but some are productive enough that not just they are willing to learn but some resist the change and work just what they are aware of to merely make an earning to strive a stride of living. An employee must be a mixed bag of not just qualities but of quantity such as great communication, no grudge behaviour, kind towards himself and workforce, dedicated towards deadlines and most importantly calling out his needs and how he can add up towards making the company better just by his presence each passing sun. Remember the golden thumb-rule that if the firm is a solar system so planets are its employees some dwarf some active few passive too but it takes it all to make a system kicking live and all alive. Sun is an enterprise so sunshine are its very own employees. A house stands all season long via its shield of bricks so do the company weighs heavy and stands thick by the persistence, grit and countenance of its employees.

STEP- 3 Invest on cloud technology.

Make everything convenient and safe.

-> A customary solution and need of the hour new habitat of success

STEP- 4 Maintain team engagement.

Keep in touch through regular meetings and check-ins.

-> Holds water/ tree and branches/trunk of /walking institute of values /value education

STEP- 5 Maximize communication.

Use the same communication platforms within the company.

-> A product of /of substance / inculcate/cultivate habits

Remote Work Suitability by Industry

Teach the Tech….!!!!!

More and more companies realize that specific job titles and profiles can be accomplished while working from home.

Keeping your company and employees safe

The importance of cybersecurity in the workplace

Avoid compromising the security of the platforms you use within the company by investing heavily in cybersecurity. Secure your company’s data by looking into the best platforms out there that can protect against cybercriminals, hackers, and other fraudulent acts.

The Benefits of Technology in the Workplace

Cash just went Cashless…!!!

On Company Growth

How tech helps companies evolve and innovate

  1. New Avenues for Progress

Technology presents new ways to engage with consumers and provide new services they may need in this age of advanced tech.

2. Ease of Management

Businesses are now able to improve the way they operate, from streamlining processes to handling consumer transactions.

3. Better Platforms for Employees

Employees have access to a vast array of tools to improve the way they work, no matter how complex a task.

On Employee Happiness


How tech makes accomplishing work easy and satisfying

Easier Ways of Working

Several platforms offer different tools and features employees can use to make each task more convenient and effective.

Faster Means of Communication

Interacting with colleagues and sending out a message to anyone in and out of the country takes no time at all.

Effective Time Management

Getting work done faster means employees can dedicate more time to life outside of work, especially for remote positions.

Is remote work here to stay?

Where is the Remote control of work – At HOME!!!

How working from home might be the way to go

Now that it’s become even more evident that finishing tasks and communicating with colleagues can all be quickly done even when every employee stays at home, plenty of companies see how remote work is the better path to take. It’s cost-effective, easy, and safe, so it’s no wonder why some businesses are starting to make remote work the norm.

While remote work has its perks, the ability to switch off after a day’s work may be even more difficult as you find that the space you spend hours working in is the same space that used to only be for rest and relaxation.


What’s Next in Tech Workspace

  • Increased task automation and use of artificial intelligence.
  • Extra focus on high-value tasks.
  • Continuous investment in cybersecurity and security technology.
  • A better conscious focus on mental health.
  • Greater geographic distribution and representation of the workforce.
Discussing the Tech – We got Work…!!!

Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response.


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