We are AV Reads

AV Reads is a platform awaiting your attendance to drink liquor of emotions served as words to your cornea. We are a self-employed company more than happy delivering content to make your life content, whether it’s daily happenings, typical trends or the umbrella of updates to double living.

Yes, you guessed it—right….

One real, followed with virtual visits as another.

The bar of imaginations which we all had once in a while some we wrote in our diaries some we just left as an imprint on our wet pillow covers. Sleepless nights to empty beds we all had it once and for all. Dive in our writings to bridge that gap of you with oneself .

We acknowledge dial of daily lifestyle on this digital pageant of memoirs and we welcome you all to your own luminous lives. You read us as we write you, not for you.

A demand to be asked and proclaimed as we raise a toast for sonorous smiles and a wish of welcome…

“May your smiles stay constant all seasons long”