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The Palace Of Illusions -By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
27 E-commerce trends to vouch for in 2021
Autobiography of a Pen
Persuasive Technique in Language
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” Lethargy essentially comes from overconsumption of either food or thought.”


Book Reviews

This book is a mystic tale matching its take of energy with universe as it is a brim of realities, traumas and most crucially the decisions that either pose a threat, dilemma or the discipline of life which is tricky and pricky enough to wobble your world upside down.

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Authors of the Month

One Indian girl is a realism driven plight of a girl who has attained a handsome career, but does it also promise you a beautiful life? Sumptuous enough, but empty-plenty too. A burning question that wonders the mind when you breeze through this wealthy chick-lit novel that describes your dreams have no heart breaks but emotions do tamper and hamper a lot when you are a master at corporate hustle but the real 3 a.m. life is a piece of hassle to mend every single morning.
Chetan Bhagat - avreads
Chetan Bhagat
One Indian Girl
As you read Rosanne, you read her reality-driven roses of romance in wake of realism and situational condiment, that how life plays a part in our personality in the paradigm of a plight and poignancy. How hearts are set apart and cross-borders to unite and meet at the note of a decline, the verge of traditions and palpitations of social crisis are the twists and turns in this emotion- wracking rollercoaster of a reading ride. A girl that desires both love and finance, but battles family mid-day dramas that take a toll on her life which she adjusts to make a tool of her life by using all the needles, she has got to make her life happen.
Rosanne Bittner author - avreads
Rosanne Bittner
Thunder on the Plains
Satire is a salsa of life either you dance on it or it makes you dance all the way around. Twinkle delivers an easy-breezy humorous read, full of pun-guns and bullets of a winking smile that peeps out on your visage many of times during this sultry and sublime read. It seems we never realize how normal narrations of day to everyday life can be so peculiarly abnormal, yet so normal at the same page of random space, that we as an individual share each passing day withstanding sarcasm of suns. How dictating life, you let life’s audacity and happenings rule you in a funny and an absorbing way.
twinkle khanna author - avreads
Twinkle Khanna
Mrs. Funny Bones